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Relationship therapy

I offer relationship counselling to heterosexual and same sex couples. Time and support is given to honour what the relationship has been through.

The aim of the work is to increase awareness of how the relationship functions and the potential to improve it. My many years of working with couples has shown me how important it is to recognize that what we bring into our couple relationships has its roots in our early life experiences and therefore together we will identify the deeper (often unconscious) forces that may be influencing our current relationships. Helping you to communicate better will enable you to engage in more meaningful conversations without being caught up in repeated patterns of unhelpful argument. There emerges a greater understanding of yourself and your partner and with it an opportunity for healing and growth within the relationship.

Counselling is a neutral environment where both of you can be heard – without judgement, blame or favouring one partner over the other – this allows for relationship and/or common sexual issues to be explored.

When it is not possible to resolve the difficulties, or this is not the desired outcome, then the work we do together may be to assist you to end the relationship in a way that can have the best outcome for all concerned.

“Our greatest joy and our greatest pain comes in our relationships with others” - Stephen R Covey – Author